The Night Before

So we’re 12 hours away from the big procedure! Surprisingly I’m not feeling nervous yet! I’m sure it’ll hit me once I’m at the hospital getting ready to go in for the operation, but maybe I’m not nervous because I know this procedure means there finally some relief in sight! Either way, I’m still feeling good about the whole thing. 

I spent today cleaning my room, and the apartment so that I have a clean place to come home to. Also, so it doesn’t drive me crazy when I can’t do any cleaning! Haha

I also packed myself a small bag to take with me to the hospital. I just put a few things in there to make the couple of days I’m spending there as comfortable as possible! My iPad, a pillow for my tummy, and a robe so that when I go on my walks everyone doesn’t get a free show in the hospital gown! 😉

Well, that’s about it for the night before! I’ll do another update after the surgery when I’m out of my anesthesia induced haze!


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