Pre-op Appt. 

Just an update! I went and saw my gynecologist/surgeon today to sign some papwork, and go over exactly what I would be having removed, etc. 

So he’ll be taking everything except my cervix, and my ovaries. So that’s my uterus, and Fallopian tubes, I didn’t know you could take the tubes without taking the ovaries! I guess it lessens my chances of getting ovarian cancer so that’s good! 

He did say that with all the pain I’ve been having he wants to make sure there’s no endometriosis, if he finds any then he’ll take the ovaries too. Fingers crossed he doesn’t find anything else, because I really don’t wanna have to do hormone replacement therapy!

Also, I’ve decided to name my uterus Felicia, get it? “Bye Felicia”! Haha gotta stay positive right?! 

Well that’s it for now! I’ll probably update again the night before/morning of my surgery! 


4 thoughts on “Pre-op Appt. 

  1. felicia is the perfect name for a uterus that is going bye bye! I gave my uterus and ovaries names, David Bowie(uterus) and Hall(right ovary) & Oates(left ovary), leading up to my hysterectomy. It helped take the sting out of telling people what I was going through. Stay strong!

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